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Dear Parents,

Welcome to Alexander Hamilton Elementary School website.  We are a K-5 elementary school with a population of 273 students with two classes on each grade level.  We nurture and support the academic, social and emotional development of students through a rigorous curriculum, a highly professional and dedicated staff, a caring parental community, and conscientious, hardworking students.

Upon entering Hamilton School, it is easy to feel the special learning community that we are.  Our parents, teachers, students, and staff truly are a family.  This year, our school goals focus on Technology, Word Study, and a Maker Mindset.  Teachers have been working in Professional Learning Communities to create meaningful learning opportunities for our students in these areas.  

In addition to striving for academic excellence, we have many school-wide activities that help promote a positive school climate.  Some of these are a Manners luncheon for each grade (Husky Café), Fun Friday activities which include Family which is a group of students of mixed grades getting together with a teacher to interact in positive ways that build teamwork, sportsmanship, and character education qualities.  We also have a monthly Hamilton’s Got Talent show, Breakfast in School, Spring Planting Day, and a hugely successful Multicultural Festival.  Most importantly, we promote kindness and respect at all times.    

Students receive special programs in the areas of physical education, art, general music and library. We also offer instrumental and vocal music programs. Several times each year, we celebrate the arts through concerts and art shows.  The tools of technology (laptop computers, software, cameras, internet, interactive white boards) are integrated into all areas of our curriculum.  Basic Skills programs in reading and math, as well as our enrichment/gifted and talented programs are used to further meet our students’ individual needs.

To keep active communication between parents and school, the Hamilton School website offers a wealth of information on our school’s events.  We encourage all parents to use the website as a means of accessing our monthly newsletter and all activities related to the Home and School Association.  Frequent postings on Twitter @GRPSHamilton are also available as a way of sharing what is happening at our school. 

Our Home and School Association works closely with us to provide extensive funding for enriching programs and supplies as we continue to strive for excellence and educating the whole child.  The partnership between our HSA and our school is a special one that we value and nurture.  We are proud of our positive relationship because by working together, we’ve made Hamilton School a very special place to learn and grow.      

I am honored to be the principal of this amazing school.  I am proud of our teachers, our students, and our partnership with families.  By working together, we create a joyful environment in which our students thrive. 


Irene Pierides, Principal


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