About Our School

Alexander Hamilton Elementary School, located in the heart of the Glen Rock Public School District in Bergen County, New Jersey, is a cornerstone of educational excellence and community engagement. With a student body of 307 eager learners from more than 200 supportive families, our school stands as a testament to the values of inclusivity, diversity, and academic rigor. Within our warm and inviting learning environment, we strive to provide each student with a comprehensive education that nurtures his or her academic, social, emotional, and cultural growth.

At Hamilton Elementary, our physical space reflects our commitment to creating an environment conducive to learning. The layout, featuring a single floor with glass walls lining the main hallway, floods the building with natural light and fosters a sense of connectivity among students, staff, and families. Inside the classrooms, students benefit from a variety of seating options including cushions, wobble stools, bean bags, and benches, promoting flexibility and comfort during learning activities. The school provides educational technology including Smart Boards, document cameras, and Chromebooks that are readily available to all students, ensuring equitable access.

Beyond the traditional classroom setting, our school boasts extensive outdoor facilities designed to promote physical activity and imaginative play. From swings and playsets to a newly renovated basketball court and The Discovery Zone—an open-ended play area for creativity and exploration—students have ample opportunities for outdoor learning and to engage in active play and socialization during recess.

Central to our mission at Hamilton is the implementation of comprehensive strategies aimed at fostering the holistic development of every student. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to challenge and inspire students academically, emotionally, physically, socially, and culturally. By using a balanced and responsive approach to language arts literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, character education, art, music, library, physical/health education, and Spanish, we strive to provide engaging, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate instruction tailored to meet the diverse needs and interests of our learners.

In addition to academic enrichment, our school offers a wide array of extracurricular activities and clubs to complement classroom learning. Whether it is participating in yoga and mindfulness sessions, joining the chorus or band, expressing creativity in Art Club, or taking on leadership roles in Student Council or Safety Patrol, students can explore their passions and develop important life skills beyond the curriculum.

Behind every successful educational endeavor lies a dedicated team of educators committed to their students' growth and well-being. At Hamilton Elementary, our faculty comprises experienced professionals who embody excellence in teaching and learning. Through ongoing professional development, vertical and horizontal articulation, and collaborative efforts such as Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and faculty meetings, our teachers continuously refine their practices to meet the evolving needs of our student body.

Moreover, our commitment to supporting students extends beyond the classroom walls. We have a continuum of services in place, including programs for English as a Second Language (ESL), special education, Gifted and Talented, speech, occupational therapy, and guidance counseling. We ensure that every student receives the individualized attention and resources he or she needs to thrive academically and socially. Additionally, programs that allow for multiple tiers of support, such as Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) and Basic Skills Instruction, further reinforce our dedication to serving every learner.

At the heart of our educational philosophy lies a deep-rooted belief in the importance of social-emotional learning and wellness. Through daily recess, brain breaks, mindfulness activities, and social and emotional learning embedded into our curriculum, we cultivate a positive school climate at Hamilton where respect, kindness, and empathy are celebrated. Our school counselor plays a pivotal role in supporting students' social and emotional development through lunch groups, assemblies, staff workshops, and individual counseling sessions, fostering a sense of belonging and emotional resilience among our student body.

Our Home and School Association (HSA) and dedicated parent volunteers play a pivotal role in enriching the educational experience at Hamilton. Through their commitment to the school community, the parents of the HSA foster a sense of unity and collaboration among families, staff, and students. By organizing various fundraisers, the HSA provides vital support and resources for all students such as access to brand-new instructional tools, facility upgrades, and programming that complements our curriculum, including assemblies and hands-on learning. Additionally, parent volunteers generously contribute their time and expertise to assist with the 5th-grade community service projects, coordinate after-school extracurricular activities like Chess and STEM classes, and facilitate school events such as Family Bingo Night, The Color Run, Husky Café, and our annual Multicultural Festival.

Hamilton is not just a place of learning; it is a vibrant community where students, staff, and families come together to inspire, support, and empower one another. With our unwavering commitment to academic excellence, inclusivity, and holistic student development, we strive to create a joyful and nurturing environment where every child can flourish and reach their full potential.

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